A day in statistics

Another Friday spent with Little Bear. This time we went to Big Bear’s assembly with my parents and then to a soft play area to meet some friends. Here’s how it went, expressed through the medium of statistics.

Number of things Little Bear licked: 4

  • A bin in the playground that had interesting looking pools of rainwater on top of it
  • The window in Big Bear’s classroom
  • My Mum
  • Big Bear

Number of people Little Bear hit: 3

  • 2 girls in the soft play area
  • Me

Number of times I thought I might get beaten up: 2

  • Each of the times Little Bear hit someone’s child at the not-so-posh (I’m being polite) soft play area we were at.

Number of times one of us told Little Bear to “shh” whilst in Big Bear’s school: approx. 25

Number of times Little Bear laughed his head off: approx. 25, including every time I chased him and tickled him & every time he shot along on the zip wire thingy

Number of arguments we had over the sunroof: 4

  • Every time I shut it because it was too windy and I couldn’t hear myself think

Number of times Little Bear told me to drive into a farmer’s field: at least 10

  • No idea why he has a fascination with this. It’s always a very challenging discussion as I try to explain why I can’t possibly do that and Little Bear will insist that I can and that I’m mean

Number of proud mummy moments: 6

  • Seeing Big Bear in his assembly, especially his “Mr Punch” voice in the puppet show which made everyone laugh
  • When Big Bear put his arm around one of his friends when she got upset during the assembly
  • When Big Bear ran across the hall after his assembly to hug one of us. I kind of thought it might have been me (!) but it was Little Bear who Big Bear engulfed in his arms, picked up and spun around. It was a huge, happy, proud brother cuddle
  • When we went back to Big Bear’s classroom and Big Bear wanted Little Bear to sit on the carpet with him while the teacher spoke with them all. Little Bear sat in his lap throughout. I will skip over the part where they tickled each other and became increasingly noisy and Big Bear’s prim and proper teacher did not look one jot amused and I thought we would get asked to leave!
  • At the soft play area when Little Bear won some bouncy balls and shared them nicely with his friend
  • When Little Bear came out of the soft play when I asked him to and did not induce me to chase him all around it to get him out, as I have had to do before


Another typical day for us – ups, downs, hard bits and brilliant bits all rolled into one noisy, crazy and often funny day.


A day in statistics

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